why ohm

Ω Musée de l’OHM – Opening Here Museum: recalls ironically the historical Musée de l’Homme, that played an important role for the avant-garde art movement mostly known as primitivism. At the same time, the choice of an acronym is an attempt to rescue the cropping of words from its meaninglessness: infact OHM both as a sound and as a word is far richer than its extended meaning.

The habit of using acronyms takes place within the knowledge management corporate’s culture – becasue they respond to the need of quickness of a context based on the continuos turnover. But as acronyms start to colonize the cultural scene, they don’t find any longer their reason of efficiency and remains only as an empty cliché. The choice of acronym OHM changes from within this emptiness into a critical approach to language.

In 2013 Musée de l’OHM has established a real link with Musée de l’Homme for the exhibition La Direction.


Ω  – AUM the sound of the origin

Ω  – OMEGA the last letter of the greek alphabet

Ω  – W in the western alphabet

Ω  – The OHM’s law

Ω  – Acid fats essential for life ( omega 3 , omega 6 , omega 9)

…  and ω more