* Musée de l’OHM *

Caroline Demarchi

20/09/2013  4pm – performance c/o Fruit Artelibro – Palazzo Re Enzo

21/09 – 01/12/2013 – exhibition c/o Musée de l’OHM – Museo Civico Medievale


* Qui il commento critico del Direttore / Ici le commentaire critique du Directeur / Here the Director’s speech:


Musée de l’OHM c/o Museo Civico Medievale, via Manzoni 4, Bologna

Opening hours: from Tuesday to Friday 9am – 3pm; Saturday, Sunday and Holidays from 10 am to 6h30 pm. Monday closed. Closing time at 2pm on 24th and 31st December. Ticket: 5 euros. Information: tel. 0512193916; mail: openingheremuseum@gmail.com; website: https://pergolaxchiara.wordpress.com/ohm